North Palos 117

CHICAGO – State Senator Bill Cunningham is highlighting major accomplishments North Palos School District 117 has achieved through the evidence-based funding model.

“Our local school districts challenge students to become the next generation of leaders,” said Cunningham, a Democrat who represents portions of Chicago and the Southwest Suburbs. “The success of the evidence-based funding formula has shown us year after year how important it is to invest in education.”

The funding comes from the 2017 Cunningham-backed evidence-based funding formula — an overhaul of the way the state funds K-12 education. The law made school funding more equitable by calculating the needs of individual school districts and basing state revenue on those needs. The formula takes into account a district’s total enrollment, poverty rate and number of students with disabilities or English language learners, among other factors.

North Palos School District 117, which is located in Cunningham’s district, has seen a major boost in facility upgrades, extracurricular programs and more staff with this additional funding.

District 117 has received more than $10 million total over the last six years through the evidence-based funding formula. The funding has enabled the district to hire curriculum team leaders who facilitate data team meetings, lead curriculum development and provide professional development to staff. In addition, EBF has allowed the district to hire special education, ESL teachers and social workers to support the diverse academic and social-emotional needs of the student population. The funding has also allowed the district to attract and retain highly qualified educators with competitive pay.

Recently, District 117 has completed a number of facility upgrades to ensure the school’s quality facilities support student learning and safety. The district has renovated and expanded two of its elementary schools and is currently completing a $30 million expansion project at Conrady Junior High. Evidence-based funding allowed the district to accomplish these facility upgrades without raising taxes.

“The state and our community invest heavily in the education of our children,” said North Palos 117 Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Stachowiak.  “We believe we have a responsibility to use our community resources to ensure that we provide students with the opportunities they deserve. In partnership with our learning community, we continue to strive to ensure that we live up to our motto of Investing in the Future, One Child at a Time.”