As a member of Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon’s Firearms Working Group, State Senator Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago) met with other freshman legislators to come up with a checklist of principles that must be included in any law authorizing people to carry concealed weapons. 

The group of legislators tried to balance the constitutionality of the right to bear arms with the need to prevent violence.

Illinois has until June to pass a concealed carry law because the 7th U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Illinois’ law banning concealed carry is unconstitutional. 

The 10 points on the checklist include:

  1. Constitutionality: law must uphold the right to keep and bear arms as referred to in the U.S. Constitution
  2. Basic Qualifications: permits issued only to adult residents of Illinois who own a valid (Firearms Owner Identification Cards) FOID card and do not pose a danger to themselves or others
  3. Funding: create a fund for user fees to finance the concealed carry permit application and renewal process
  4. Permitting Authority: Illinois State Police should be the permitting authority for concealed carry
  5. Local Input: sheriffs and local law enforcement should be allowed to tell the Illinois State Police if a person poses a safety risk
  6. Background Checks: comprehensive criminal background checks should be conducted
  7. Firearm Training: applicants should be required to complete firearm safety and live fire training
  8. Permits: lost, stolen or destroyed concealed carry permits should be reported in a timely manner
  9. Sensitive Places: concealed carry should be prohibited in certain public places, such as schools
  10. Violations: an applicant who violates the concealed carry law or makes false statements should be subject to criminal penalties

 “I am glad to be a member of a group that is making a real effort to pass reasonable gun legislation,” Cunningham said.

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