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CHICAGO – In the last month alone, three Chicago police officers devastatingly lost their lives to suicide – leading wellness professionals to call the department’s practice of canceling days off as “inhumane.”

State Senator Bill Cunningham and State Representative Fran Hurley are sponsoring measures to require the City of Chicago to give police officers a minimum of one day off each week – a move they hope will lead to a better work-life balance and, in turn, help officers prioritize their mental health.

“The overwhelming stress officers face combined with a lack of time off has become detrimental to their mental health,” said Cunningham, who represents portions of Chicago and the Southwest suburbs. “This practice of canceling days off isn’t just unfair, it’s harmful.”

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CHICAGO – State Senator Bill Cunningham and State Representative Fran Hurley introduced legislation to legally require the city of Chicago to give police officers a minimum of one day off each week. The proposal is designed to end the city’s practice of routinely canceling officer’s regularly-scheduled days off to make up for chronic staffing shortages. 

“The Chicago Police Department has approximately 1,500 fewer officer than it is budgeted for,” said Hurley. “The way to fix this problem is to hire more officers, not cancel scheduled days off for existing officers and force them to work 12 or 13 days in a row without relief.”

“Canceling days off might make sense on a temporary basis during an emergency situation, but it has become a routine staffing policy for CPD and part of misguided crime-fighting strategy,” said Cunningham. “It is not only grossly unfair to officers and their families, it produces a fatigued and burned out police force that is less effective at fighting crime.”

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Senator CunninghamCHICAGO – New law co-sponsored by State Senator Bill Cunningham to give taxpayers more opportunities to provide support and resources to first responders was signed into law Friday.

“This new law creates a convenient way for us to give back to first responders,” said Cunningham, a Democrat who represents portions of Chicago and the Southwest Suburbs.

House Bill 4161 aims to increase donations to the 100 Club of Illinois by making a convenient donation option on individual state income tax returns. The 100 Club of Illinois is a nonprofit that provides resources, financial support, training and moral support to both the families of first responders killed in the line of duty and active duty first responders. All sworn federal, state, county and local first responders stationed in Illinois are included.

Similar donation options on state individual tax returns include the Wildlife Preservation Fund, Diabetes Research Fund, Hunger Relief Fund, among others.

“Funding groups like the 100 Club serves to benefit the first responder community who put their lives on the line to protect us,” said Cunningham. 

House Bill 4161 took effect immediately upon signing. The 100 Club of Illinois Fund checkoff will be available starting next year.

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Senator CunninghamSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Bill Cunningham supported a new law that aims to reduce catalytic converter thefts.

“This is a smart way to combat rising catalytic converter thefts,” said Cunningham, a Democrat who represents portions of Chicago and the Southwest Suburbs. “This law prevents handshake cash deals on these converters, which will reduce the monetary motive to commit this crime.”

The law, filed under House Bill 107, adds catalytic converters to the definition of recyclable metal, requiring businesses to keep record on catalytic converter sales. The license plate number of the vehicle, photographs or video of the seller, a verified name and address of the seller, and a signed declaration by the seller stating that the catalytic converter was not stolen is now required.

In addition, the measure prohibits a recyclable metal dealer from purchasing a catalytic converter with a value over $100 with cash.

House Bill 107 is effective immediately.

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